Andigen, tales from the frontier

The Start

“The dawn finds a motley bunch of eleven people gathered in a corner of the market square. Four covered wagons stand side by side, with 2 heavy working draft horses harnesses to each. The horses shuffle and stomp in the cold, and great plumes of mist blow from their noses as they breath.

“One of the people, the merchant owner of the caravan, the immense and self titled Felgo The Magnificent, fusses over the wagons checking and double checking everything.

“Three young men dressed in labourers clothes assist Felgo and tend to the horses.”

Well, that’s how it all started.

The market place was in the northern city of Jan Crags, and those eleven people had signed up for guard duty on a caravan headed south toward a small town called Hogath. Of course the caravan went all the way to Andigen, but four four of those people, Hogath was their destination. They had each, in their own way, been called to that place.



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