Andigen, tales from the frontier

A Reunion

In Hogath, while washing the dust from the road down with a cleansing ale, Japhs sister Alexis enters. She is with a knight, Balzac, and her maid, Anya.

Anya is delighted at the unexpected encounter with her half brother, and she shares that he will soon be an Uncle. She then goes on to relate a sad tale of loss where several of her close friends, including the love of her life, died while trying to retrieve an urn from Rathwals Tomb, not far from Hogath. She explained that Rathwal was a Lich who had sealed his soul in the urn to prevent himself from dying. By destroying the Urn, they would be able to prevent his imminent return.

Happy to assist, the party help break the urn.

Unfortunatly the Rathwel story was a fabrication. Alexis plan was to break the urn to free the demon Vath who had been imprisoned in it. As a not so pure servant of Vath, she could not break the urns seal herself, but the party’s pure intentions were no match for the magic.

On the count of three, Feldspar strikes the urn with the rock he found, and Japh swings at it with the torch.

Both blows strike in unison, and the urn rings like a bell. Rather than fade, the ringing seems to build louder and louder, and the urn begins to visibly vibrate. The sound grows and grows until it is almost unbearable, then, suddenly, the urn shatters. Fragments of the ceramic land and spin on the table, and all is suddenly quiet.

From the rubble on the table, a gentle golden mist begins to gather. As the mist rises above the table, a sense of dread assails you, growing and the mist grows into a tower radiating a golden light above the table.

The mist begins to take on a human shape, and suddenly you see the most breathtakingly beautiful man standing, floating, naked, in the air over the table.

Alexis reveals her true deceptive nature while gloating about how easily the party did her bidding. Then Vath turns back into mist and enters Alexis body. She cries out in pain, while the “maid” Anya teleports herself, Alexis, and Balzac away to safety.

Not until after all of this did Feldspar reveal that he had been sent to gather information on an the Dark Harp, an organisation of evil bards. In hindsight, it seemed the release of Vath had been a Dark Harp plot all along.

Not knowing what their next step should be, the group seek out Hubert. Some of the group have heard of him, and have been told they can trust him.

Arrival in Hogath

The journey to Hogath takes 7 days, with only a minor skirmish with some opportunistic goblins to break the monotony.

It is here, in Hogath, that Flynn, Feldspar, Japh, and Quaiz’o part ways from the caravan.

heading south

The human woman, Flynn.

The male dwarf, Feldspar.

The young half-elf man, Japh.

The stoic man, Quaiz’o.

These four set off on a southward journey.

Max, the most experienced member of the group, and full member of The Company, was head of security on this journey. He bid farewell to his superior, the brisk Logan, then got the group moving.

The twins, Dwight and Dwain round out the group.

The Start

“The dawn finds a motley bunch of eleven people gathered in a corner of the market square. Four covered wagons stand side by side, with 2 heavy working draft horses harnesses to each. The horses shuffle and stomp in the cold, and great plumes of mist blow from their noses as they breath.

“One of the people, the merchant owner of the caravan, the immense and self titled Felgo The Magnificent, fusses over the wagons checking and double checking everything.

“Three young men dressed in labourers clothes assist Felgo and tend to the horses.”

Well, that’s how it all started.

The market place was in the northern city of Jan Crags, and those eleven people had signed up for guard duty on a caravan headed south toward a small town called Hogath. Of course the caravan went all the way to Andigen, but four four of those people, Hogath was their destination. They had each, in their own way, been called to that place.


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