Hogath is a small town approximately one week’s travel by caravan south of Jan Crags. Aside from its proximity to RathwellsTomb, not much has been revealed about this town.

Hogath is a small town consisting of an inn, a blacksmith and a few shops. Numerous houses vary in size from one room hovels to a couple of two story houses were the wealthier residents live. Most of the buildings are made from grey stone.

The inn, the Goblins Head, is quite large as are it’s stables. IT seems the place is used to seeing caravans and merchants.

The “merchants district” in the town is made up of a few shabby looking stone huts just down the road from the inn. Business isn’t exactly booming. A few local kids play in the street. One shop has a yellow sign on its door which reads “Back in 5”.


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