The Company

The Company is a benevolent mercenary group who provide protection services at a cost through out The Land. As mercenaries go, they are not a bad bunch. Founded by a Paladin known as Iron Tooth, they respect integrity and are a chivalrous bunch. This chivalrous culture and work ethic is evident throughout the organisation. They are a loose knit bunch with small branches all through The Land.

The Company are recruiting people to escort merchants. 

A “Positions Vacant” notice calling for able bodied folk to keep the merchants company. It should be an easy job. There hasn’t been much trouble, but you never can tell. Currently they are employing anyone of decent moral character. The job is simple: travel with a merchant caravan over land. Once there, they can seek payment from the local branch. All employees must be registered members, but the (small) membership for a lay-member can be deducted from their fees once they get to the other end.

Lay-members are never conscripted, and being a lay-member does not oblige anyone to take orders outside of agreed assignments. This status is simply so The Company can keep track of it’s payroll. If a recruit wishes to pursue a career within The Company, they may make their desires known to their superior who will then make a decision whether to sponsor their formal induction into The Company. At this point they would be promoted to Officer rank and be considered fully fledged, full time members and would then be obliged to take orders.

Lay members are eligible to use The Companies banking system. Money can be deposited at any office, and a credit note is issued. The credit note (like a cheque) can be redeemed in part or in full at any other office. There is no cost for deposits, but The Company charges a 5% levy for withdrawals. This charge is waived once the member reaches officer rank (no longer a lay-member).

“Once you’re a member, you get to use our banking facilities. That’s one o’ the advantages of having a good reputation, like we do: People trust us with their money. You deposit money at any of our branches,” he indicates a small barred window in the building, “and we give you a promissory note which your can exchange for coin again at any other branch. Of course being a lay member, there is a small fee of five percent to cash in your note. If you decide to go full time with the Company, we waive the fee. And full timers get a discount on whatever they buy from our own inventory. That includes standard arms and armour,if you need them.” Logan, in Awakening.

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Iron Tooth (20th level fighter) is the general of The Company. Beneath him are 11 colonels. Colonel is partially a political position, as the 11, with the general, form the ruling council of The Company. But all of the colonels are seasoned veterans and have come up through military ranks. Each colonel commands a legion of about 105 troops. Each legion is made up of 15 companies of 6 officers and a leading captain.

All the ranks from officer up, are trained military personnel. Many are specialists in particular areas (sappers, engineer, even some alchemists, mages and priests. But all have proven battle experience). Beneath the officers are recruits. Recruits are anyone who signs up for service. Recruits are typically employed for routine, low risk, merchant caravan duty. If they prove suitable, they may be recruited as officers.

When The Company is hired to perform military duties, the response depends on the nature of the request. Normal security work (Caravan escorts, etc) is done by a small number of recruits lead by a single officer or captain. For specific, or covert, missions, a single company will be sent (6 officers lead by 1 captain). For larger jobs, entire legions will be sent.

1.    general (1 * 20th level)
2.    colonel (12 * 15 - 19th Level)
3.    captain (165 * 8th - 14th level)
4.    officer (990 * 2nd - 10th level)
5.    recruit (2000* 1st level)

3167 able bodied combatants at any one time, throughout The Land. Two thirds of this number are deployed in the west, while the remaining thousand are distributed throughout the east.

There are chapters of the Company is several eastern cities.:

Andigen, Jan Crags, and a new one in Senzardul.

The Company

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